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Workcations and Wellness by The Ananta Resorts and Hotels

Lockdown making you crazy and in desperate need of a getaway? Tired of working from home? Can't wait to be by a pool? How about a spa day? Want breakfast in bed? If the answer to any of the above is yes, continue reading, if the answers are no, then you have already been catered to.

The Work from Ananta package by The Ananta Resorts and Hotels is unbeatable at this point. The 5-day all-inclusive package is sure to help you beat the work-day blues with the perfect getaway workcation! Imagine waking up amongst serenity with breakfast in bed and starting your day only to end it with a relaxing dip in the pool. Ooh, you could even end the week with a spa ritual. Yes, that’s what dreams are made of! I, for one, am truly intrigued and cannot wait to grab this deal.

Bookable at both the luxurious resorts by Ananta, The Ananta Udaipur and the Ananta Pushkar, let me go ahead and tell you about these properties so that you can choose your next workstation.

The Ananta, Udaipur, touted as one of the best wedding locations of this country, is strategically located between two hills in Udaipur with sweeping views of the city and the lake. The resort’s unique location in the City of Lakes gives you a chance to step away from commercialism and pesky tourists, enjoy privacy and wake up to views of the sun rays dancing over the Aravalli Hills. Spread over 70 acres, the resort has 234 rooms easily blending in the greenery, 4 opulent dining outlets, and 2 banquet halls. With an outdoor swimming pool, a rejuvenating spa, a mini-theatre and a designated kids activity area, the resort is sure to meet the needs of every guest.

For those of you hitched souls ready to start planning your wedding, make sure to put a star next to this Ananta venue. All your arrangements and requests will be handled by their dedicated, in-house wedding planner and you get to host your after and after-after parties at Zenith, the newly created hilltop lounge and one of the only places in the city allowing you to dance and drink until dawn!

The ultimate wedding destination, The Ananta, Udaipur

The Ananta Spa and Resorts, Pushkar is the first Balinese themed resort in the area giving guests the real feel of being pampered in a lavish resort. Even the famous ‘floating breakfast’ has been imported from Bali to Pushkar! The resort houses 52 contemporary cottages, 21 sprawling rooms, 2 dining options and a banquet hall in an expanse of 11 acres dedicated to satiating all your cravings. An outdoor swimming pool and a well-equipped spa enhance the experience of your stay in the city also known as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan.

To make the experience unparalleled, the venue has launched a luxury tent park adjacent to the property. Guests can now book a glamping experience and enjoy all the amenities of the hotel rooms right here under the stars. The concierge at the Pushkar is ever ready to help you plan a romantic dinner, a hot air balloon ride, a picnic in the gardens or a city tour with your loved ones.

Experience a bit of Bali in Pushkar

Truly providing traditional Indian hospitality oozing with warmth coupled with international architecture and standards, this brand is more than what meets the eye. With staff trained at their very own family-run hotel management institute, no guest is left unsatisfied and all requests are taken care of. Always paying attention to detail and giving a personalised touch, the staff and management at the resorts really know how to cater to their guests.

Keeping everything aside, I want to book their package because stepping into the lobbies of the resorts brings about a calming and spiritual sensation, perfect for when one wants to escape their busy lifestyles and the loudness of a fast city. The energy of ‘aum’ chants playing at various parts of the resorts will instantly energise you and stock your worries away. Going beyond the spa and massages available, the serene location and peaceful atmosphere provides for more of an unwind to the busy souls that spend a night here. There are milestones assembled at distances from the reception to reveal how many calories you’ve burnt walking from there, in case you were worried about being lazy on your staycation.

Excitingly, the brand is coming up with two premium resorts soon. One in Ajabgarh being planned as a wellness retreat with architecture based on the 5 elements and the other one in Jaisalmer, which will be undoubtedly India’s first fully Moroccan themed resort. Keep an eye out for these and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

All in all, I would say that The Ananta Resorts and Hotels has played its part not only in re-shaping Rajasthan tourism and hospitality but also in giving India some of its finest resorts displaying authentic Indian hospitality to foreign clientele. Described as a persistent and passionate hotelier, Mr Mukund Goyal has dedicated his life to the luxury chain of resorts and shaping them into one of India’s most prestigious places to stay at.

Now is the time to stop reading this blog and book a night (or 5) at one of the Ananta resorts. So, whichever resort you choose, the Ananta staff will eagerly be awaiting your arrival.

Signing off from Ananta,


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