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Blog 31: Work Hotels

You're living under a rock if you haven't heard the term 'workcation'. Almost every hotel is advertising its work-from-hotel packages. Nothing beats Barbados' 1-year remote work visa though! How about workcationing in Barbados? I'm looking for a hotel, like right now!

This hip, new trend of offering coworking spaces in hotels has been warmly welcomed by hoteliers and guests alike. Though it is not traditional for a luxury hotel to build working stations into their lobbies or rooms, an increasing number of hotel brands are now investing in collaborative working stations and companies. Not only enabling hotels to position themselves as workcation-friendly, but this trend also allows guests to take well-deserved breaks from their homes without being disconnected from work.

Anyone looking for a change of scenery and working space, keep reading to find out about which hotels you can book to work at!

1- Revolutionizing the way you work and stay, The Revolution Hotel, Boston offers day passes and long term memberships to Conspire Coworking, an all in one workstation in the centre of the hotel. Keep yourself fueled with unlimited coffee, tea, water, WiFi, printing, bag check, full gym featuring a Peloton bike and shower access. If you're not a Boston local and staying at the hotel, you'll also notice that the hotel has a different bathroom story. It is proud to be one of Boston’s first hotels to offer spacious, single-occupant bathrooms. With 10 bathrooms on each floor fitted with occupancy indicators, you'll know when it's time to get dressed for your meeting downstairs!

2- NOMAD Hotels, France is all about making your stay personalized. The lobby doubles up as a coworking space fitted with everything you need to get your head in the game. If you're one who likes to be alone to meet deadlines, your open-plan room is fully adjustable to make space for your work desk and the bed can be tucked away in a corner if you have a virtual meeting. The hotel is even prepared to loan you a laptop or PC if yours chooses to give up on you! A great hotel, not just for a workcation, but also for a business trip when you want to take your colleagues along.

P.S. Check out their cost saving options for every night you book!

3- ROOMS, a new concept by Fattal, combining a coworking complex and a business hotel. Guests get lavishly decorated, customizable offices and coworking spaces with full boutique hotel services. You can order a 'room' service to your office! The high standard of service and hospitality offered by Fattal have been expressed in a very spacious complex with open seating areas, fully equipped kitchens including water, soda faucet, hot drinks and free cookies throughout the day while enjoying all the facilities on-call at the hotel. The first ROOMS project was launched in NYX Tel Aviv and they've been growing ever since.

4- Offering passes for up to a year, Zoku, Amsterdam is your home away from home. Their lofts are designed like apartments carefully disguising the bed and giving you ample space to work, meet and socialize. It is one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world according to Forbes and certainly, you won't be disappointed. The location, interiors, offers (the summer offer gives guests unlimited icecreams!) and work environment are all complementary to the chic, boutique vibe of the work-hotel.

5- Trendy rooms and trendier coworking spaces make up the Hobo Hotel, Stockholm that borrows its name from the travelling lifestyle of 1930’s America, with ‘hobo’ meaning a thoughtfully aware and curious person, who sees themselves as a world citizen. Everyone is welcome at Hobo- visitors, guests, people looking for event pop-up space and obviously, professionals who want a chill work stay. 201 uniquely designed rooms are loaded up with gadgets, amenities and Stockholm city guides fit for modern digital nomads looking to combine business and pleasure.

We want to know what you think about this trend. Would you book a workcation or buy a coworking membership? Let us know in the comments below!

I'm off applying for my Barbados visa. See you on the shores!


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