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Wine Resorts in India

I’m very intrigued to know how many of you wine lovers have not experienced spending a night at a wine resort. Let me tell you that a stay at a vineyard can be just as surprising as blind tasting the wine made there! The thought (if not yesterday, but now) is in your head, is worth all the waiting and planning.

Basics of blind wine tasting involve learning the wine’s color, pigmentation, age, and aroma. This helps one understand what is left to be discovered about the wine. Similarly, it is important to choose the right wine resort, understand and discover it, exactly how we pick out the apt wine bottle for every occasion. Well, you are in the best place for help with that. Your first, next, or upcoming luxury wine resort experience will be worth the read, stay tuned.

1. I am starting my list with one of the most recommended, Soma Vineyard Resort, Nasik, Maharashtra. The perfect place for your next vacation, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, in the edge of the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam, the resort allows you to relax in the middle of the sky, water and ground. The luxury of the place is defined by the beautifully designed, spacious, and airy 29 rooms followed by an infinity pool. While you dip your feet in the pool, the view from the resort will automatically place your worries off the edge.

2. Are you a reader like me? If yes, then I know that a vacation feels incomplete without books, no matter how great it is. Four Season Vineyards, Pune, takes care of this need while pampering you with more luxuries. The royal décor of the 10 rooms with 4 suites named after some of the most popular vineyards along with a cozy library will steal the charm, and if you are lucky enough, there is a fair chance of spotting sambar deer in their beautifully spread vineyards. Imagine yourself sipping some of the best wine in the country with your favorite book in hand and enjoying world-class hospitality. Yes, it is that good!

3. Minimalism is an amazing quality in the hands of the right minds. Can’t believe me? Take a look at the Beyond By Sula, Nasik, Maharashtra. The resort is located inside a vineyard with world-class wines at their bar. The best time to visit this place is around the SulaFest, India’s biggest vineyard music festival, where musicians and artists from around the globe, fill the air with music for the weekend. The place is well known for the peace and tranquillity it offers. Witness it yourself, this time!

4. Explorers are in luck with India’s first boutique winery and hotel. Vallonne Vineyards offers a lifetime experience to an oenophile (read: wine lover). Situated at a scenic location, the resorts provide a beautiful view of the lofty stretches over the lush green vineyards and the serene water from the Mukhne Dam. The aesthetically designed vintage rooms along with the food and winery tours serve the purpose of exploration with relaxation. Plus, the host helps with choosing the right dish to match your wine taste at the restaurant instead of picking the wine that compliments your dish, isn’t it amazing?

5. The last but not the least vineyard that made its place in my list of recommendations is the Fratelli Vineyards, Solapur, Maharashtra, because of the magic they induce in their grapes. Yes, I am talking about the history behind it that you must explore on your own. The place is perfect for merrymaking and participating in the cultural activities hosted by the resort. After a noisy busy week, this place will help you up to calm your nerves down with Maharashtrian food, exquisite wine, and great company around a bonfire. The best part is you can book the whole resort and enjoy it with your family and friends as it provides accommodation for 12 guests only. Picture the privacy and fun in such a beautiful vineyard, I know how you are feeling now.

I have to say that with this pandemic dancing on our heads, these resorts sound like a dream getaway. Many like me are waiting for our next trips and many are wanting to be out in the world again. But for now, let’s focus on the brighter side of it.

I’m saving up for my wine-cation and so should you. We know we need that large glass every now n then! All the resorts are open for booking so you can go through their websites for more information.

We will soon be out in the world and also out with another amazing blog, till then, Happy Planning and Happier Wine- Drinking!

Sneha Chowdhury

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