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The Rebirth of Downtown Las Vegas through Hospitality

While it was previously recognized as the lesser, more dangerous version of the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas is gradually, but surely, becoming a household name.

The beginnings of this positive traction can be attributed to several revitalization efforts committed as early as 2012. Along with a substantial amount of money, these efforts produced the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, the Discovery Children’s Museum, the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum,Wh and the new City Hall complex. In addition, general improvements to real estate and development in the area made Downtown Las Vegas a much safer destination. These foundational pieces have led to a new and improved version of Downtown Las Vegas, an area that as of late, constantly seems to be evolving.

Starting with...

The Food:

In the past few years, Downtown Las Vegas has become an increasingly popular destination. In terms of food, Downtown Las Vegas offers a myriad of options that might be of better value, and potentially quality, than those found on the Strip. A few notable options include Carson Kitchen, eat., Le Thai, Flock and Fowl, Donut Bar, and Park on Fremont.

The Drinks:

Perhaps what makes Downtown Las Vegas truly unique, and also a local’s favorite, are the bars, or more appropriately called the places to relax and socialize. When you go downtown, you can truly “bar hop” to your heart’s desire. Between notable options such as Commonwealth, Oak & Ivy, Gold Spike, and the Downtown Cocktail Room, you may really have a hard time choosing where you would want to stay put for the night.


As for hotels, it is a fact that Downtown Las Vegas contains some of the oldest, historic properties in the city. Hotels such as the El Cortez and the Golden Nugget have been around since the 1940s. While staying at an old hotel doesn’t come across as very enticing, it is important to note that several downtown properties have undergone renovations in recent years not only for their guest rooms, but also for their public areas. El Cortez renovated their guest rooms in 2018 while the Downtown Grand, opened their fully remodeled doors back in 2013. Arguably the grandest renovation of all took place at the Golden Nugget, which began its renovation plan in 2006 and recently concluded it in 2018. And above all, we are looking forward to the opening of Circa Resort & Casino, which is scheduled to open this upcoming October. This will be the first newly constructed resort in Downtown Las Vegas since 1980.

El Cortez:

  1. Originally built as a 59 room Spanish Colonial Revival Style Hotel, the hotel has 364 guestrooms

  2. The hotel has a positive impression on gamblers as it is known to provide good value in terms of gaming in Downtown Las Vegas

  3. On 02/13/2013, then El Cortez Hotel has been added to the National Register of Historic Places

Golden Nugget

  1. The Golden Nugget is a gangster-built casino by Guy McAfee who spent $1 million to open back in 1946

  2. After the renovation, the property now encompasses two aquariums, the larger of which includes a slide through the tank containing full grown sharks

  3. The casino has been featured in pop culture in films, tv, and games, such as in the Elvis Presley film, Viva Las Vegas, and the Bee Gees music video for “Night Fever”

Downtown Grand

  1. The hotel is the result of $100 million makeover of the famous Lady Luck Hotel and Casino that closed in 2006

  2. The 1st project in Las Vegas to focus on urban development, with its numerous venues and shops alongside 3rd street to encourage a welcoming and approachable pedestrian experience

Circa Resort & Casino

  1. According to the website, the resort is opening 12/28/20 (or possibly before)

  2. The first ever adults-only (21+) casino in Las Vegas history

  3. Home of the world’s largest sportsbook and will also feature a 40 ft HD screen to enjoy in one of their 6 pools on 3 different levels

The Events:

And if the aforementioned details are not attractive enough, Downtown Las Vegas also plays host for several events. On a monthly basis, you can visit the Arts District to participate in First Friday, where you will be able to experience art in the form of culture, creativity, music, and food. If you’re a huge sports fan, head over to the Downtown Watch Zone at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center to view live games amongst friends. If you enjoy going to music festivals, Downtown Las Vegas hosts the Life is Beautiful Music Festival each year in September, which is probably the biggest event that came out of the Downtown Project’s revitalization efforts.

As Downtown Las Vegas continues to evolve due to the wide range of hospitality additions, our hope is that it will be viewed less as a downgraded version of the Las Vegas Strip and more as an improved version of itself.

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