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Hottest Hotel Opening - The Ananta Ajabgarh

Hotel it Out! likes to keep you informed of the hottest hotel openings, the latest hospitality happenings, and inspire your next vacation around the world! Today we're talking about one such resort opening very soon....

The hospitality industry is responding to guests' rising demand for experiences that speak to their overall well-being. Any property can facilitate wellness, but there is a big difference between being wellness-themed, and actually helping guests with their health and wellness. The need for addressing well-being in hospitality now goes beyond merely providing a spa, fitness classes, or highly nutritious food. The new concept of "wellness architecture" is about designing beautiful spaces which address both the physical and mental needs of their occupants. Every decision from the choice of lighting to the selection of the color palette has to be made with well-being in mind to create the optimum environment for guests.

Ananta Spa & Resort, Ajabgarh - the wellness resort by Ananta Hotels & Resorts, inspired by the seven elements of nature - fire, air, earth, water, wood, space, and metal, is doing justice to the rising trend and personifying "wellness architecture". The resort is located overlooking the Ajabgarh Fort, a convenient 4-hour drive from the major cities of Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur. Ajabgarh is known for its historical and cultural heritage, majestic forts, and religious temples. The Sariska Tiger Reserve is less than an hour's drive from Ajabgarh making it an ideal choice to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Aravalli region.

Read more about Ananta Hotels & Resorts - Workcations and Wellness

Talking about the villas, let's find out which villa is suited to you!

The Bamboo Villas personify the energy and assertiveness brought by the first element of nature, wood. Bamboo's flexibility and strength represent harmony and balance in one's life. Complete with an outdoor shower and sit-out area, this villa will truly reinforce your inner strength and vitality!

Those looking to reconnect with nature and Mother Earth should look towards the Earth Villas. Made of mud and a thatched root, it will bring you back to your roots whilst providing a modern outlook for the future. The large open-air sit-out area is the perfect place to ponder and introspect.

Constructed using red stone to resemble a simmering flame, the Fire Villa is the powerhouse of energy and inner light. Spending a few nights here will help you forge ahead in life, clear your conscious and lead a better life. The duplex villa is perfect for a family getaway.

The Lagoon Villas represent the water element and have been built on stilts with calm surrounding water to create blissful and spiritual harmony. Touted to have a positive impact on your emotions and intuition, these villas will give you the power to reconnect with your inner self.

To take you ahead on your wellness journey, Ananta Ajabgarh will host holistic wellness sessions, detox programs, stress relief treatments, spiritual healing sessions, and more. Presenting you North India's one-of-a-kind wellness retreat - get your bags and advance bookings ready for this unique experience!

Not just this, there's more - there's an opportunity for investors to be the owner of a villa. As an investor, you can benefit from some exclusive privileges and a revenue-sharing model. For more information, click here. Counting down the days to the grand opening of the resort in 2023, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement soon.

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