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Sustainable Wildlife Tourism by Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort

On our lookout for something unique, something new and something individualistic, we came across the Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort and this hidden gem is worth your time! Spread over 15 acres near the Panna Tiger Reserve and surrounded by East Indian Ebony trees, we can give you enough reasons to book your stay now! (Book now directly from their website for a stay 10 days later to avail 15% off)

Addressing the elephant (or in this case, tiger!) in the room, the resort is undertaking all COVID safety measures and social distancing comes naturally to them with each of their 26 cottages located at a distance from each other to give you enough privacy. All three categories of the cottages are designed to maximise your comfort and provide you with the best facilities, all in the lap of nature. To sweeten the deal, the resort is at a driving distance from Prayagraj (Allahabad), Kanpur, Lucknow, Jabalpur, Indore, Bhopal and Jhansi.

One of India's few TOFT certified eco-friendly resorts, Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort was also classified in the 'Quality' category for sustainability in the first year of its operation. The resort has been built using natural limestone, recycled steel and locally sourced wood scraps and bricks, is powered by 100% renewable energy and employs only local staff. Completing three years of successful operations, the values of sustainability and eco-friendly practices have further strengthened at the resort. Wildlife tourists have been known to choose this resort to actively contribute to the sustenance of the ecosystem they are responsible for.

While at the resort, you can learn pottery from local artisans, go fishing at the on-site pond, book jungle safaris, treks, guided nature walks, bird watching tours and enjoy fresh farm to fork meals at their Riverview restaurant. Oh, and ask for Swami, a bird-watching, fishing, hunting and photography expert at the resort. He will be happy to show you around, tell you tales and make your stay more memorable. To describe your stay in a nutshell, it'll be a one-of-its-kind glamping experience in a quaint and undiscovered part of India, all while helping the local community.

The past few months have been exhausting for everyone and you deserve a break! There's no better (and #Covidsafe) way to rejuvenate yourself than to be in the wild, breathe in fresh air and go tiger spotting while you're at it! Of course, you can also book the resort's workcation package, but I doubt you'll want to work when you can be doing so much more. Take that #holiday and when you do, think of the Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort!

I'm contacting to book my stay, are you? You can also call them at +91 9919802823 for any enquiries.

See you in the jungles,


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