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Pancake it Out! by POPCAKE

On average, people shortlist 7 hotels before making a booking at one of them (and I'm talking about the non-picky ones!) In these 7 hotels, the most looked out for amenities are free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and a swimming pool. 25% of leisure guests will book a hotel if it offers free breakfast. I'm not surprised, breakfasts are my favourite part of a hotel as well. Who doesn't like a hearty hotel breakfast full of goodies that one probably wouldn't make at home!

The top amenities guests look for while booking a hotel

Leveraging on guests love for free breakfast and the need for hotels to constantly upgrade their breakfast game, POPCAKE is providing innovative and ultimate breakfast experiences around the globe. The POPCAKE machine is the world's first fully automated pancake machine cooking and serving hot, 97% fat-free pancakes at the single press of a button. Designed for the food industry, the machine today is delighting adults and children alike at hotels and airport lounges. Easy to maintain and easier to use, this machine is on every hotelier's wish list to make breakfasts exciting and every guest's pancake dream come true. Very versatile and flexible, the machine can serve pancakes in different sizes giving chefs an added benefit of experimenting with different recipes.

Easy 3 step usage

Imagine you're famished and waiting in a queue for your pancake at the buffet and it's taking forever because there is only one chef. It's also not as fun standing next to a hot pan watching your pancake cook. Draped in a superman cape comes the POPCAKE machine handing out a pancake per minute while you watch it being cooked through the glass with fancy blinking lights. I'm sure you'll be as thrilled as the children before you were. Mess-free and hassle-free for you and the staff.

Watch your pancakes cook

Now, for those of you worrying about your favourite breakfast buffets in the times of coronavirus, there's good news! This machine is absolutely COVID-19 safe - low-touch and high-tech. The pancake mix bag is fitted into the machine without being touched from the inside and then you only need to press a button to have a fluffy, delicious pancake fall into your plate. Simply maintain social distancing and the staff will clean the button frequently to avoid any contamination. For hotels wondering why they should invest in the machine now, there isn't better time to do so. The machine can create an effective back-end operations chain for breakfast room service and give you an edge over others. Your guests are sure to give you a great review over the pancake-in-bed initiative. The sales team at POPCAKE will be happy to guide and train you in using the machine.

This machine is here to revolutionize breakfast solutions for hotels and airport lounges giving guests an extra reason to choose to stay there. I don't know about you, but as a pancake lover, my mouth is sure watering and I can't wait to be at one of the hotels that serve POPCAKE pancakes. With distributors worldwide, it is not difficult to get your hands on one of these mean machines. Yes, I know some of you now want to get this machine for your homes as well. Go ahead, Pancake It Out! It is not too early to start preparing for the International Pancake Day on 16th February 2021.

I will be back with another appealing blog soon. Right now, I am craving pancakes so I'm off to go make some. Hoping I don't burn them!


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