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2020 and Beyond by NextGen Hotels and Resorts

The hospitality industry, just like the rest of us, remains optimistic and excited for what 2021 has to bring. Agreed, the first few days haven't been much of a departure from the horrors of 2020, but we are all keeping our heads held high and powering through the pandemic together. NextGen Hotels and Resorts have been no different- they've stuck together in the toughest of times and are pioneering their way forward by providing their portfolio of hotels the best quality assurance and quantifiable insights that help them improve customer experience, enhance operational excellence, and uplift their brands.

Looking at some of the exceptional hotels onboard the NextGen programme, let's see what they've been up to this past year. I must say that the NextGen insights and support has been invaluable for these hotels providing them with the much needed extra layer of COVID-ready validation. Even though normal operating procedures have changed in hotels throughout the world, excellent customer service and warm hospitality have remained a priority and these NextGen certified hotels have proven so!

With an average Google Review of 4.4 stars, the Magic Tree Resort, Florida has been ensuring its rooms are sanitized before and after each stay, multi-touch surfaces are wiped clean frequently and all guests and staff undergo thermal screening among other increased cleanliness practices. Out of all the reviews, the hotel has been ranked highly for cleanliness and coronavirus preventive measures. You can be assured that you'll be in safe hands there!

In addition to the mandatory face masks in all public places for staff and guests, social distancing markers on the floors and disinfection protocols in each room, the internationally renowned hospitality brand, the Minerva Group Hotels, is also providing a paid stay-at-home policy for staff with symptoms. The hotel that must be mentioned here is the Minerva Grand Tirupati for their outstanding compliance with the NextGen quality assurance manual and upholding the Minerva brand standard.

Providing a dynamic lifestyle experience in both upscale and midscale segments, Leva Hotels has been a prominent name in the industry. JS Anand, CEO of Leva Hotels applauds NextGen by saying, "Our philosophy is to provide guests with experiences they will never forget. NextGen shares the same beliefs & values and was the obvious choice for us for implementation of brand standards and quality monitoring. They delivered on their service promise, and we will definitely be using them across all our brands." The hotel brand was recently awarded the Top-50 best hotels in MENA region by Hotelier Middle East, the Travelers’ Choice 2020 and part of the top 10% best hotels in the world on TripAdvisor.

Every hotel has adapted to the needs of the hour and has performed well against all odds in the last quarter of 2020. Walking into 2021, we can only hope the year gets better and the industry sees higher occupancy rates and optimism. If you are a hotelier, you will agree with me that the pros of partnering with a compliance company like NextGen Hotels and Resorts have outweighed the cons in the current climate. Do visit their website for further information!

Hoping I can travel soon and stay at one of these venues. But until then, take care and stay tuned for the next blog,


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