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Certified WOW experiences by NextGen Hotels and Resorts

Hello hoteliers, Hotel it Out! is here with something interesting for you. We know you're constantly looking for ways to up your hospitality game and we have an idea!

Following on from our answer to what makes a hotel, a great hotel, this blog is all about a company that helps certify independent and boutique hotels as great hotels. Hotels are always faced with the task of positively impacting customer choice to the best of their abilities. It is said that a guest who experiences good service shares the news with 6 other people on average, whereas a bad experience is shared with 15 people. A Walker study found that by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Now imagine certified customer experience and quality assurance at your hotel. Who is not going to want to book it out!

That's enough of a build up and time to tell you about NextGen Hotels and Resorts, a one-of-its-kind quality and guest service certifying company using an illustrious 500 point system to highlight the strengths of hotels and help them overcome their weaknesses. The team at NextGen understand the uniqueness of each brand and use collaborative methods to maintain and build brand standards that eventually help create WOW experiences for guests. Guests are instantly more likely to trust certified experiences and offer repeat business, which is why hotels are increasingly signing up to quality assurance services these days.

Founded by the very accomplished Upendra Gulrajani, NextGen Hotels and Resorts operates in North America and India predominantly with plans to expand globally. Once a hotel contracts with NextGen, it goes through an initial assessment process examining brand strengths, guest service and experience. After which, a highly experienced team of executives share the NextGen Brand Standard Manual, covering the complete guest experience, accommodation, service, cuisine, employee behaviour guidelines and facilities, with the hotel. This Brand Standard Manual has been carefully created in line with the industry benchmark and is periodically reviewed sustaining the dynamics of the industry. A detailed report with actionable insights is also provided helping hotels enhance brand standards, improve operational excellence, and reduce risk to brand reputation.

Each hotel partner is also featured on the NextGen website and they are rolling out an online reservation platform with low commission fees soon. Sure to be a game changer for the industry, this platform will provide hotels with everything from quality assurance, guest experience strategies, certifications, brand enhancement techniques to an additional online reservations platform, all under one seasoned team. Some of their notable partners are Leva Hotels and Resorts in Dubai, Magic Tree Resorts and Winter Haven Garden in USA, T24 Residency and Minerva Grand in India.

What are you waiting for? Shoot an email to for more information and to book an onboarding call. Trust me, you'll be surprised at how they can help you become a certified great hotel.

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P.S. This is just the first blog out of the Hotel it Out! and NextGen Hotels and Resorts partnership. We will be back with more valuable insights and the latest offerings by the company.

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