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Blog 46: NextGen Hotel and Resorts is now an affiliate partner with

This one is for all the ardent hoteliers out there! NextGen Hotels and Resorts is back with a deal sweeter than honey - what if we told you that they can help you with brand standard compliance, quality assurance, and revenue generation?

The company's experts establish brand standards for your hotel and use an extensive 500 point-based system to monitor quality and reputation. The team at NextGen understands the uniqueness of each brand and uses collaborative methods to maintain and build brand standards that eventually help create WOW experiences for guests. Guests are instantly more likely to trust certified experiences and offer repeat business, which is why hotels are increasingly signing up for quality assurance services these days.

With their global approach and partners based in over three continents, NextGen targets independent boutique hotels and lends support from start to finish. They have now become an affiliate partner with, which means that when you sign up for their quality assurance program, you are also earning yourself a spot on their website. Bookings can be directly made via their website giving you an additional revenue generation tool.

Here's a company creating brand standards for you, then monitoring quality and reputation, providing you with an online booking platform, and to top it all off enhancing your social media presence and helping you provide WOW experiences to your guests. All this support is available with a simple online sign-on form, and a few high-resolution pictures to upload on the NextGen website. If you are someone looking to provide a better guest experience and increase your revenue, I'd highly recommend getting in touch with the experts at NextGen Hotels and Resorts.

Now you tell me, does it get any sweeter than this?

Email for more information and to book an onboarding call.

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