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Blog 37: Movie Themed Hotels

Looking back at the year that was 2020, all of us kept ourselves occupied with something or the other, but one common pass time has been the incessant binging of movies and TV shows! We all know a friend who can proudly boast of watching all of Netflix. Hopefully, 2021 is better and we can travel and stay at the best hotels around the world.

For some vacation inspiration and extension of our cinematic world, we bring to you a list of some of the best movie themed hotels. Don't forget to pack your cameras and costumes just in case you want to film some Reels or a mini-movie!

1- Pour your martinis shaken, not stirred, in this 007-inspired Secret Agent Suite in the Hotel Seven, located in Paris, France. Superfans of James Bond can stay in and watch every Bond film ever made on a big screen from the comfort of their own bed. The suite also features a golden gun lamp, waterfall shower, pictures from several Bond films throughout the room, golden toilets, and mirrored ceilings. And the next thing you know, you'll be Bond one-liners wherever you go.

2- Another themed hotel by the Seven Hotels, the Alice in Wonderland, Wonderland House in Brighton, England is a treat for the eyes with individually designed rooms, banqueting room and two kitchens. The bathrooms steal the show with JabberWocky W.C and teapot style washbasins. The hotel can only accommodate 24 guests at a time and is perfect for hen dos, birthday parties and family vacations. Oh, dare you not book the Mad Hatter's tea party. Your stay is incomplete without sitting around the Enchanted table on teacup stools and sipping English tea! Believe in the magic and experience it yourself at this very tastefully designed hotel.

3- The Batman Suite at the Eden Motel, Taiwan, China doesn't come with your own personal Alfred, but even just a night in this Batcave (more accurately, Batsuite) is sure to make you feel like Bruce Wayne (and who doesn't want to be the Caped Crusader living a double life as one of the society's elitist?) The carefully designed world of Gotham features a large Batman bed, a mini Batmobile that seems to function as a sofa and Batman posters and logos all over. If you're not happy spending the night, a 3 hour minimum booking can also be made to binge your favourite Batman movie or two!

4- Tucked behind a door that doubles as a bookcase, you'll find the Wizard chambers outfitted with gothic and mysterious appeal at the Harry Potter- Georgian House Hotel, located in the centre of London within striking distance of several Harry Potter filming locales. The hotel rooms, or Wizard Chambers as they are called, are designed to make their guests feel like students at Hogwarts. With details such as stained glass windows, stone walls, archways, trunks, wood burning stoves and cauldrons, there are enough photo ops for that perfect Instagram post.

5- If you’ve ever wanted to star in your own love story, the Beverly Wilshire, California does just that. With its Pretty Woman experience, guests can stay in one of the Speciality Suites and feel like a VIP with a behind-the-scenes tour of Rodeo Drive’s famous fashion houses assisted by your personal wardrobe consultant and stylist. Transportation in a Mercedes Sedan is also included in the experience, however, Richard Gere is not part of the package!

Enough of being a couch potato, let's get out and explore, let's go out and book one of these hotels to experience the unusual. Tell us which one these hotels has made its way into your bucket list in the comments below.

We've got a ton of exciting stuff up our sleeves this new year, so stay tuned and watch this space for more blogs- When in doubt, Hotel it Out!

Until then,


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