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As an accommodation provider, would you compromise on eco-friendliness to provide COVID-safe, frequently washed linen? Are you looking for a launderette that can help you save costs while providing you with high-quality laundry services? Looking to go the extra mile to impress your guests? Hotel it Out! has the answers to your questions. Read more to find out!

Alongside stringent cleaning procedures at all hotels, hygienic laundry is also a must now, without compromising on eco-friendly practices. The Goyal Group of Companies have taken this opportunity to introduce Lavender, laundry and dry-cleaning services to bridge the gap of outsourcing laundry in the hospitality sector.

Lavender uses state-of-the-art machines, quality and eco-friendly methods to wash and clean linen. Their 6-step process from sorting, stain-removal, washing, drying, ironing to folding and finishing ensures new life is infused into the linen each time it’s in the hands of Lavender specialists. Get clean, crisp and strategically folded linen delivered to your doorstep by opting for one of Lavender’s packages. It’s simple and inexpensive- Impress your guests with the lingering and relaxing aroma of lavender every time they enter the room! Out of the five senses, smell is known to have the highest recall value. Lavender linen gives your guests another reason to keep coming back to you.

With a focus on quality assurance, client satisfaction and service, the team at Lavender are trained laundry and hospitality professionals with years of experience. The in-house engineering team make sure that the tailor-made washing formulas are efficient and adhere to the daily preventative maintenance program. The team is here to guide and provide you with the best Lavender experience.

Unlike traditional launderettes, Lavender is a class apart, providing above-par, eco-friendly, 100% germ-free laundry services for bed linen and staff uniforms at affordable prices. Contact the team to get a quote.


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