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Hotels and Hospitality by Signum Hotels and Resorts

What makes a hotel, an outstanding hotel? Is it the location, five-star service, aesthetic details or the above par hospitality that buys your loyalty to the property? As humans, we aren't innately loyal and are easily swayed when something better comes along. It applies to almost all our choices, including picking a hotel. Our loyalty to a hotel brand is easily compromised when we're offered something better by another brand. For hotels, this can a boon and a bane coupled together. Someone's loss is another person's win!

So, what is the secret formula hotels use to enchant you to them? The answer is simple- they promise world-class luxury and hospitality at affordable prices made better with unforgettable experiences! (Did you just a sense of deja vu, like you've read this before.)

To make this formula work, Signum Hotels and Resorts, one of India's finest hospitality management company does all the hard work in the background for you to enjoy your stay and eventually come back for another. Signum is a Latin word that translates into 'making a mark' and the company is certainly living upto its name. With over 12 hotels, 22 apartments and 650 years of combined worldwide experience, Signum provides its accommodation partners with complete branding solutions.

The property improvement plan includes transforming the interiors, design and spirit of the hotel or apartment bringing them in line with Signum brand guidelines. By infusing the royal heritage of India, food devotion efficiency plans, art, literature and local flavours of a city into all properties, Signum ensures that all guests feel comfortable and pampered at any resort, palace-hotel, apartment or business-hotel. For an independent hotel, branding is the key to success and here is a hospitality management company offering you success on a silver platter!

With a mission to provide unforgettable hospitality, Signum takes independent hotels under their wing and helps them achieve their goals. Currently servicing India and the United Kingdom, they are rapidly expanding to the United States, UAE and Sri Lanka with a purpose of advancing the hospitality industry. The team at Signum is owner-friendly and very mindful about contracting with the right hotels in the most unique locations. It is rare to find a company giving you operational profitability while they take care of all your customer service requirements.

Mr Mehul Sharma

Founder & CEO, Signum Hotels and Resorts

Signum believes in providing efficient, personalized and expectation-exceeding services to customers. Each hotel tells a 'Signum Story' that remains in the minds of guests even after checking-out. Innovative technical solutions combined with traditional hospitality ethos sets Signum apart from its competitors and makes a mark in the industry. I am sure that every hotel managed by Signum truly enthrals guests with affordable yet luxurious hospitality!

I'll be looking for the 'Signum Stamp' the next time I'm staying a hotel, will you? (All my hotelier friends, take note. This is your cue to call the Signum sales team!)

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