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Blog 19: Hotel Brands for Millennials

Hotel brands are forever trying to expand their customer base and to do so they come up campaigns, offers, limited edition services and goodies. The marketing teams at these brands go through the whole shebang of narrowing down their targets and successfully aiming at them. While some of these tactics are lucrative, brand loyalty is often achieved by creating child-brands and concepts that lure the target audience. The hotels under these child-brands are conceptualized keeping in mind the trends and likes of that client base and advertised likewise.

This blog talks about some of the most promising hotel brands created to seize the millennial market and create brand loyalty among Generation Z, where there is immense competition from hostels and bed-n-breakfasts.

1- Graduate Hotels is a group of well-curated, well-crafted hotels that reside in the most dynamic university towns across the United States of America. Every site and property celebrates and commemorates the youthful optimism of school days and cultivates the spirit of each community in a bright new way. Carefully positioned near college and university campuses, this is perfect to stay at when you return for your Graduation Ceremony and want to live out those student days for the very last time! For those who are visiting for the first time to get a feel of university life, the staff at the hotels can recommend the student hot-spots and city attractions.

Hotels to look out for: Graduate Columbus, Graduate Athens and Graduate Nashvillage. Graduate Oxford and Graduate Cambridge, UK are launching in 2021.

Graduate Hotel, Athens

2- From amazing everyday essentials to Instagrammable statements, Radisson RED delivers a stand-out experience. Welcoming and fashionable hotels in the beating heart of buzzing destinations are set to provide guests with the most upbeat and positive service. Perfect for the modern and sociable traveller, each hotel features an open plan social place fitted with gaming stations, art installations and mood music areas. This playful, energetic and no-frills brand sure can rev up the attitude for any guest- millennial or not!

Hotels to look out for: Radisson RED Miraflores and Radisson RED Hotel, Aarhus.

The Radisson RED lobby prototype

3- Created for millennial-minded travelers who want to be in the middle of the action, Hyatt Centric hotels are thoughtfully designed to enable exploration and discovery. The lobby lounge is a launch pad providing guests with information about the most sought-after food, nightlife and activities the destination has to offer, sourced from a community of “in the know” local explorers. The rooms are minimalistic and don't include anything you don't want- just get one of the associates at the hotel to remove those things!

Hotels to look out for: Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul, Hyatt Centric Times Square New York and Hyatt Centric Dublin.

Hyatt Centric, Dublin

4- Undoubtedly the coolest way to check-in- at the Moxy by Marriott hotels guests check-in at the bar and enjoy a complimentary cocktail on their way to the room. The bar is the heartbeat of these hotels and doubles up as a playful meeting point for guests and staff alike. Who needs a front desk when the bar table can be used! The 24/7 bar and room service make every minute better with millennial guests not needing to worry about where to grab a bite after a night out. I did mention that all Moxy hotels are conveniently located in the liveliest parts of their cities, right! Guest room design is unique with open wall closets, extra floor space for a quick work-out, walk-in showers and free Netflix. In a nutshell, I'd say these hotels are luxurious versions of super fun student accommodations.

Hotels to look out for: Moxy Bandung and Moxy Milan. (Actually, just view all- it was very difficult to choose!)

The Moxy bar and check-in desk

5- Motto by Hilton delivers a flexible and innovative hospitality experience through elements like first-of-its-kind linking rooms for group travel and vibrant communal spaces with access to check-in, coffee house and bar for work and social use by guests and locals alike. All rooms are equipped with a sleep kit including a white noise eliminating app, top-notch mattresses and cozy duvets. Groups would particularly like this concept as rooms come with flexible furniture and the option of linking doors, so you can create the ideal room combination for you or your group when you book. A futuristic concept that allows guests to feel at ease and make themselves comfortable.

Hotels to look out for: there's only 1 as of now- Motto by Hilton Washington DC City Center. More hotels are in the pipeline.

The linking rooms design

Even though these brands have been created to leverage millennials into the hotel scene, I think these hotels are pretty apt for travellers of any age to spend their time at. Lively and buzzing, who doesn't like to have some millennial fun!

Going back to doing some millennial things, see you soon with another banging blog.


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