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Blog 3: Haunted Hotels

Bringing to you next, is a list of spooky and haunted hotels that you might want to miss if you are faint-hearted. I wouldn't want to blame the hotels per se, but I see most of them capitalising and making the most of the eerie presence at the properties. Well, why not? Good hospitality means taking care of everyone's needs, right! (including our favourite ghost Casper!)

I wouldn't know which hotel is scarier than the other without spending a night there, so in no order of scariness, I present to you my picks of which ghostly presence frightened me the most.

1- Parador de Jaen, Spain endorses Room 22 on their website to be ghosted by a spirit of a young woman who died of heartbreak in that very room centuries ago. In the 1980s, a few paranormal investigators confirmed the same when guests staying in that room reported noises of women crying and loud knocks on the door. At the property, also lurks the spirit of a prisoner, fondly called 'Terrible Lizard', who died of hunger in that very fortress, subsequently converted into a hotel.

2- In 1967, Long Beach purchased the RMS Queen Mary- luxury ocean liner and converted it into a hotel. While the ship was serving as warship during World War II, it witnessed a murder of a sailor in the engine room and multiple drownings in the pool. Guests have reported on various occasions that they were greeted by ghosts of past passengers. The crew even lets interested guests visit the ship's engine room which is the centre of all paranormal activity on the premises.

Newspaper Headline of Chifley's Death

3- Canberra, Australia hailed as one of the world's most haunted cities, hosts Hotel Kurrajong. The hotel is, unsurprisingly, haunted- but haunted with a twist. Located near the (also haunted) Parliament House, it is believed that the ghost of former Prime Minister Ben Chifley (considered one of the country's best PMs) wanders around room 214, where Chifley had died of a heart attack in 1951.

English Cricket Team Squad

4- Even the English national cricket team aren't immune to ghost attacks, knowing that were driven out of The Langham, London in 2014. They reported sudden heat and lights and an unexplained presence during the night. The property is 153 years old and houses posh spirits such as Emperor Louis Napolean III and a German prince who committed suicide at the hotel.

The Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

5- Closer home, the Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie is claimed to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Garnet Orme. Apparently, she was murdered by adding strychnine in her medicine and the doctor tending to her was also found dead in a similar fashion years later. This story even featured in one of the Agatha Christie novels- The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

Fun fact: I've stayed a night at this hotel, not knowing it was haunted, at the time. Well, I am spooked now!

The casino at Resorts World Genting

6- Ghosts haven't even spared Resorts World Genting- First World Hotel, where the entire 21st floor is believed to be haunted. Guests have said that they hear weird noises, feel a ghostly presence and the elevator seems to skip the 21st floor very often. The paranormal activity could be due to the many suicides taken place at the hotel's casino by gamblers who lost.

Are you ready to take the giant leap of faith and stay at these hotels? Or even better- next time one of your ghoul-friends ask you to trick or treat, treat (or trick) them into staying at one of these hotels!

Do tell me if you happen to meet Casper and his friends- I'll be sure to give you a boo in my next blog.

Spook you later,


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