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Blog 27: Family Friendly Hotels

Family vacations can be daunting, exciting, tiring and relaxing - all at the same time. I come from a huge family and have vacationed with the family multiple times. Take it from me when I tell you that no amount of planning will ever be enough. The key ingredients to make a family vacation memorable are: 1- a cozy accommodation, 2- entertainment for all ages and 3- lots of love and laughter!

Bringing to you on popular demand, a list of the most unique hotels you can choose from for your next family holiday. Be prepared, this is where the crucial planning begins. And while you're at it, let us help you make it fun.

1- CNN said, “Their love of whimsy and elegance will make your vacation experience one of a kind”, so it is imperative for me to introduce you to The Roxbury. The experience includes two properties just over a mile away from each other located near the Catskill Mountains of New York. With different kinds of themed rooms and suites at The Roxbury Motel and the themed mansion rooms and tower cottages at The Roxbury at Stratton Falls overlooking the 50m falls, families can enjoy both venues even if they're staying at one. The entire purpose of booking The Roxbury is to have FUN and immerse yourself in the uniqueness of this hotel. Imagine if Alice in Wonderland married Willy Wonka and set up residence in Oz but lived part-time in Winterfell- that's how they want you to feel every time you enter your room. I know the kids are convinced and to convince you I must tell you that The Roxbury has been given the title of the 'Most Instagrammable Hotel of North America 2020'. (Things you'll do for the kids and the 'gram!)

Some of the themed rooms at The Roxbury

2- How does a hotel with its own cookery school sound to you? Maybe your children start helping you in the kitchen more often afterwards! Pack your bags and head to the Eckington Manor and Cookery School in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Eckington Manor’s state of the art cookery school teaches cooks of all ages the story of food: from garden fork to dinner fork. With all ingredients locally and responsibly sourced or grown on the manor's farms. The bedrooms, spread over four converted farm buildings – Lower End House, The Cyder Mill, The Grain Barn and Milking Parlour, with the picturesque view of the Cotswolds, makes this place the perfect choice for a relaxing yet interactive family getaway. Also, as they say- a family that cooks together, stays together! (or is it eats together, stays together?)

P.S.- Deviating here a little, but the manor is an excellent choice for barn weddings as well.

The Eckington Manor and Cookery School

3- The founders of SiloStay are 'going against the grain' by inviting guests to stay in agrodustrial grain silos marvellously transformed into uber-chic, comfortable and eco-friendly accommodations in Little River, New Zealand. Little River is a small town with a population of just over 1000 on the South Island and is the gateway for adventure in New Zealand. Each silo comes equipped with a kitchenette, mood LED lights, wool insulation and a toilet that also functions as a sink! Your time at SiloStay will give you an unsullied opportunity to seek and discover personal introspection and find joy everywhere. If that's not your grain, then you can book various activities nearby. This place is sure to leave a mark on your imagination and you might even catch yourself boasting about your stay later!

The SiloStay- inside and out

4- Ever wondered how primates lived and survived? Book a stay at Kolarbyn Eco-lodge, Sweden and you'll have your answers. Europe's most primitive hotel consists of 12 forest huts (also called mud-holes and hobbit houses by some loving guests!) camouflaged between the trees and covered with grass and mud with wild mushrooms and bilberries growing on the roofs. There will be no electricity, no showers, nothing fancy at all, just natural mysteriousness, so choose the number of nights wisely. Fetch water from the spring, cook your meals over an open fire and wander the mossy woods spotting birds and other wild creatures. You can also opt for the bushcraft and survival course or the family expedition when you get to the lodge. I'm sure itching to book a night (just a night) here.

It is indeed primitive

5- Whether you're looking to go shopping, enjoying a spa session or just indulging in some alone-time while the children are kept busy, the Big Cypress Lodge, Memphis is here to rescue you. With unlimited options ranging from educational tours, story times, fish feeding at the aquarium to free rides on the Sky High Ride for the little ones to explore, the pyramid-shaped hotel cum shopping centre gives you a few hours to yourself. Actually, save the Sky High Ride and do it with the children. It is a 28-story elevator that travels all the way up to the glass observation deck at the top of the pyramid. Once at the top, visitors get to enjoy a view of Memphis from 300 feet up in the air.

The Big Cypress Lodge

I'm hoping that after reading this list, you've already planned half your family vacation and the only things left to do are making the bookings and informing the family. Or maybe don't inform them, surprise them with a magical getaway.

I've already shared this blog on my family group chat, time for you to do the same (just as a teaser to the surprise you're planning!)

Let me know if you need any other help planning.


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