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Blog 2: Distant Hotels

While we're sat in isolation (temporarily of course) and enjoying the 'comforts' of social distancing from our homes, there exist hotels that could have given us a break from social interaction should we have not been in this situation and wanted to take a few days off. This list will not come to your immediate use, but save it nevertheless. You'll need it to cope when the lockdown is lifted and you're getting invited to multiple social engagements you want to avoid! I'm sure you'll find your perfect run-away spot.

1- The number one spot has to be The Manta Resort located off the east coast of Africa. The resort touts of 'real luxury' as it has only one room, and even that is underwater. You'll have to take a sea ferry to reach this spot and once you are there, let yourself be submerged (literally!) in the laps of nature. Head over to their website to read about the resort's fascinating story.

The Manta Resort

2- The Fogo Inn, at the edge of the North American continent also known as one of the four corners of the world, is 100% sustainable and a perfect place to watch icebergs float by from their floor to ceiling windows. To reach this island off an island in Newfoundland, you'll have to take several plane trips and one ferry trip. I would say the views are worth the journey to this place.

The Fogo Inn

3- Let's jump to the other side of the world and see what Longitude 131 looks like. Built facing mountain Uluru in the middle of Australia, this glamping site offers rustic Australian adventure, safaris and Aboriginal massages included. Oh, did I not mention that you'd require a chartered helicopter ride to reach the camping base.

Longitude 131

4- Next up, tough to pronounce, and even tougher to get there. Fannarakhytta, built on the peak of Fannaraken is Norway's highest tourist lodge at 2068m above sea level. With space for only 30 occupants a night, it is advised you book early. Options to get there include either a 5-6 hour hike from nearby towns or a 3 hour guided roped glacier walk from Krossbu.


5- Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is still a concept, but once conceived it will be a one-of-its-kind, the only underwater movable hotel on planet Earth. It will operate between Florida Keys National Marine Park Sanctuary and Cancun, Mexico. They aim to provide luxury underwater tourism while protecting our oceans and coral reef from daily on-going destruction. Guests will be able to get to the hotel via scuba diving or a glass elevator. Who's ready for some solitude on an ocean bed?

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

6- Hanging from the top of a mountain in Sacred Valley, Peru are these transparent luxury capsules giving you the feels of sleeping in a nest. To spend a night at the Skylodge Adventure Suites, the first ever hanging lodge, guests will need to climb 400 meters of Via Ferrata or hike an intrepid trail through zip-lines. Also, they don't have showers there, so stick to spending just one night!

Skylodge Adventure Suites

7- Now we're serious, if you really want to be isolated, you have to stay at Hotel Palacio De Sal, Bolivia. Located in the world's emptiest places, Salar de Uyuni. Not only is the hotel in a salt desert, but also built of white salt. The closest airport is about 2 hours away and you'll be ferried in by a fleet of 4WD's.

Hotel Palacio de Sal

8- The only way to get to The Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica is by white water rafting. The exhilarating arrival experience is topped off by the ultra-lux hospitality of the resort, located in a pristine rain forest, will almost make checking-out of the resort a difficult task.

The Pacuare Lodge

Kudos! to the people who service these hotels and resorts and are providing guests with the best experiences. Once we're done with this pandemic, I know which of these hidden gems I'm going to!

Comment below and tell us which hotel you'd like to visit. Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog and do let us know if there is anything specific you want us to blog.

Till I see you again,


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