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Blog 35: Complimentary Breakfasts

Breakfasts at home and breakfasts in a hotel are two different worlds; one comforting and the other indulging, one that you lay for yourself and the other beautifully laid out for you, one limited by options and the other limitless (in every way)! I must admit walking in for a hotel breakfast buffet makes me a different kind of hungry, perhaps because the buffets are all-you-can-eat and my stomach brain likes to take on a challenge! Do you also feel this way?

I did a poll on my Instagram story recently asking whether people enjoyed hotel breakfasts or hotel bathrooms more, and you oat to know that the winner was BREAKFAST! So, I thought what's better than to bring you a list of the hottest hotel breakfasts from around the world. Don't worry, you can crust me to bring you the best of the bread.

1- The Babel restaurant at farm-hotel Babylonstoren, South Africa, has a different take on traditional buffet breakfasts. Naturally sourced ingredients, ready to pick seasonal fruits and jams, farm-fresh honey and yoghurt accompanied with their special homemade muesli and bread complete the farm to fork breakfast. The restaurant is housed in an old cow-shed and is a wonderful mix of Cape Dutch architecture and contemporary glass walls that makes for a simple yet edgy environment in which to try our tasty yet often unconventional combinations. The hotel has its own vegetable farm where they also hand-pick and cold press olive oil, make in-house tea blends and age local wine.

*A must visit if you like a simple, traditional and comforting start to your morning*

2- Japan's first 'ryokan inn' luxury hotel, the Hoshinoya, Tokyo fuses contemporary style and traditional craftsmanship is not just the design of the building but also of the breakfast menu. Guests can either opt to eat breakfast in the Ochanoma lounge or have it serviced to their rooms. If they choose the latter, breakfast is served in traditional wooden boxes and for those oblivious to Japanese cuisine, the waiter will happily explain each item in the box along with its ingredients. The entire hotel is an ode to Japan's tradition and there is so much to 'sake' in. Let the breakfast get you started.

*Perfect for those who like something different at the breakfast table every day*

3- How could I have not included the best of the floating breakfast trend. Presenting one of the most lavish and indulgently spread floating breakfast at the Mandapa, Bali. If you don't want your breakfast to float away from you, choose the in-cottage or buffet option. If you like early morning dates, the concierge can set you up in the paddy fields overlooking the river for a romantic breakfast for two. Magical views, Asian hospitality and the relaxing atmosphere come free with your booking.

*The top choice if you want all things, including breakfast, romantic and luxurious*

4- Breakfast is on the 56th floor with sweeping views of Hong Kong if you're staying at the Island Shangri-La. Unlike other hotels, this one's got you covered if you're not an early riser. Missed the breakfast? Grab the brunch. It's Michelin star, just saying. With ample cuisine options on offer, the busiest one is always the noodle station, where you can customise your bowl. Also, catch some gastronomic performances by chefs as they prepare your food. Other than this, the hotel is also famous for the longest Chinese silk mural and the most expensive bottle of wine on-site.

*Book a stay here if you like being OTT and flashy sometimes*

5- Different from the classic French breakfast, La Reserve Hotel and Spa, Paris presents its guests with a Vitality Breakfast that is gluten and lactose-free and no less than a spa treatment for the insides! Scrumptious to say the least, this breakfast can also be served in the balcony of your Junior Eiffel suite overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Don't worry, there are plenty of other buffet breakfast options at the hotel if you would still like the classic Parisian affair.

*For those health conscious yet classy ones, who like perfection in everything*

This is just a teaser, you know you can expect much more once you're at any of these hotels. Grab your #breakfast soon because the #buffet trend looks to be dying out. Tell us about your best hotel breakfast experience in the comments below!

Back to my cheese toast and iced coffee now, I'll see you at the hotels,


PS. If you are a hotelier reading this blog and want to upgrade the breakfast at your hotel, read about the POPCAKE pancake machine here.

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