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Blog 45: AGA Hotels in partnership with NextGen Hotels and Resorts

In all its crisis, the hospitality industry has given birth to so many new brands and hotels. The past two years have forced hoteliers and alike to set new trends, look for alternatives to standard practice and ultimately save costs and increase revenue.

Franchising has been one of the faster-growing trends in the market, with hoteliers feeling sheltered under a reputed brand name and business model. Taking advantage of the same, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, Armaan Patel, launched AGA Hotels in America. They signed up their first hotel in July 2020 with an expanding portfolio ever since. Today, the brand has been franchised to 13 hotels across Los Angeles, Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

AGA Hotels helps properties hold onto their revenue by charging a low flat rate franchise fee. This franchise program is available as a monthly subscription giving you the benefits of a top-notch room booking system, discounted hotel supplies that come straight from the AGA warehouse, OTA partnerships, commission-free bookings, and much more. Taking a deep dive into available data and calculating the performance of your hotel based on metrics such as RevPAR, ARR, Occupancy Rate, ADR gives you the real picture of where your business is headed. With this information, efforts can be made to redirect your business model and ultimately lock in more revenue.

AGA Hotel's strategic partnership with NextGen Hotels and Resorts ensures that each hotel, franchise or managed, goes through NextGen's comprehensive 500-point based quality assurance programme, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best quality to customers. (Read further to know about NextGen's quality assurance programme)

The brand operates under 4 names; ERTH INN by AGA, a value brand known for great reviews and gratifying rooms, LYFE INN & SUITES by AGA, a midscale brand providing unbeatable rates and excellent hospitality. Hotel BLU is their boutique brand that launched with 94 rooms in North Hollywood, CA. The luxury segment operates under the name AGA Hotels.

With tremendous growth potential driven by the focus on revenue management and quality assurance, AG Hotels is ready to scale worldwide. They are now offering franchises and looking for upcoming hoteliers to collaborate with them. You can contact them at

That's all from me today. We'll be back with more blogs soon,


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