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Blog 9: 7-Star Hotels

With wanderlust filling up my soul and an increased abhorrence for the current lockdown, I can only dream of going on a vacation right now. Also, only dream of staying at a 7-star property.

Did you know that the hospitality industry only gives ratings up to 5 stars to hotels, and whenever you hear 7 stars, it is actually an unofficial rating given by guests because the service, design and luxury surpass the 5-star mark. The Burj Al Arab has been touted as one of the first 7-star hotels in the world and has become world famous ever since. Hence, it will not feature on my hand-picked list seven 7-star hotels below.

Warning: Please don't read further if you are suffering from a severe case of wanderlust because chances are that you won't be visiting these places anytime soon.

1- The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, probably the most famous unofficial 7-star hotel after the Burj Al Arab, is a masterpiece from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Frequented by celebrities from across the globe, this palatial hotel brags of its Palace Grounds that cover more than 85 acres of garden space. Also present at the venue are 128 specialised kitchens, a high-end gym, a private beach and the fastest wifi in the region! It truly is luxury in the heart of Abu Dhabi with most famous attractions about 15 minutes away.

Ariel view of The Emirates Palace

2- Famously known as the Pangu 7-star, the Morgan Plaza, Beijing has a dragon-shaped exterior and boasts of the region's first largest library inside. The hotel consists of multiple buildings sharing the impeccable view of Beijing and house two pavilions, a temple and Japanese style restaurants. Fulfilling the high standards of 7-star hospitality, the hotel also has a list of criteria guests must fulfil before they can book a stay there.

The dragon-shaped exterior of the hotel

3- Nestled on 4.5 square kilometres of a 12 square kilometres private island, the Laucala Island Resort, Fiji, offers dramatic experiences of volcanic mountains covered in tropical rainforest and postcard-perfect beaches, untouched mangroves and coral reefs brimming with marine life. There's more to enjoy beyond the tranquillity of nature with the resort offering underwater diving courses, surfing, an 18-hole golf course, horse riding, cultural activities and more. I think we can successfully call this retreat the best island-turned-hotel.

P.S. Their website is worth visiting- a definite eye-catcher!

Laucala Island Resort- the paradise

4- Located in the world's fifth tallest building in the world- the Lotte World Tower, the Signiel Seoul by Lotte Hotels, also houses Asia's biggest champagne bar. One of South Korea's most luxurious hotels, guests can request helicopter transfers to the on-sight Michelin restaurant sitting 342 meters above the ground. Is the helicopter ride not enough to make you book a night here!

The Signiel Seoul

5- An 18th century historic palace and the summer resort for the King of Udaipur, the Taj Lake Palace floats in the middle of the Pichola Lake. Known as the Venice of the East, this hotel is also one of the world's most romantic retreats and a famous spot for celebrity weddings (the most recent one being the Nick-Priyanka wedding!) and movies (recall Octopussy and very many Bollywood movies!). You are sure to get the royal treatment when you stay here.

A floating marvel- The Taj Lake Palace

6- Built to withstand even a 9.5 Richter Scale magnitude earthquake, The Centaurus, Islamabad is not only an architectural marvel but also a hotel, a mall and corporate offices all packed into three skyscrapers. Featuring a helipad too, this property is sure to attract business travellers who live in style at all times!

The Centaurus

7- The last on my list but definitely not in the world, the Town House Galleria, Milan is the place to be at if you want to stay, shop and enjoy luxury. Located in one of the oldest luxury shopping and spa districts, the hotel also offers exclusive limousine transfers and complimentary access to the Leonardo Da Vinci museum. While only some suites have the Duomo view, all rooms provide world-class luxury and hospitality.

The interior of The Town House Galleria

There are also some upcoming hotels that are forecasted to be 7-star properties. These include the iSquare Mall + Hotel in Orlando, Full Moon Hotel in Baku, The Pentominium in Dubai and the Abraj Kudai in Saudi Arabia which also will be the world's largest hotel upon completion.

If staying at these hotels won't be the icing to the cake of your vacation, then what will be? Go on, make a booking. I know you're tempted! You can also be like me and drift off into imagining holding a champagne glass at the bar at Signiel Seoul or enjoying a spa session at the Town House Galleria. We are allowed 7-star imagination!

I'll catch you once you're done day-dreaming, until then,


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